Essential Traveling Tips in a Post COVID World

Coronavirus pandemic has completely changed our lifestyle. With its advent at the beginning of the year, no one thought it is here to stay and become a part of our lives. However, nothing stops and neither will the regular work of our routine. But taking precautionary steps and staying alert will help in keeping us away from the virus. This write-up will help you with certain imperative tips to keep in mind while traveling in a post-Covid world.

Essential Traveling Tips to Consider in a Post COVID World

Keep a precautionary list of things ready

Make it a point to keep a few things ready when you step out of your house. This list must include face masks, hand sanitizer with more than 60 percent alcohol content, disinfectant wipes, tissues. This inventory list will definitely go a long way to maintain a certain level of hygiene and keeping you safe.

Be extremely mindful of what you touch while traveling

The novel Coronavirus has been spreading at a rapid rate so a heightened sense of alertness is mandatory. While traveling stay watchful of what you touch. Keep sanitizing your hands after touching the surfaces that others might have used to. Also, avoid touching your face as that is the entry point of the virus to reach within your system.

Minimize human contact as much as possible

Relying less on human contact will reduce your and your family’s chances of being infected with the virus. Get your boarding pass from the machine and don’t forget to sanitize your hands afterward. While entering retail and food joints maintain the recommended six feet distance from the staff and prefer paying through the cashless options.

Take the charge of disinfecting your surfaces

Before sitting on your airplane seat disinfect the tray table, armrests and any other surface that you be would be using while your travel. Also while using the washroom make sure that your open the door handle with fresh tissue and later dispose of it in a clean and safe manner.

Please stay home if you are sick

The above mentioned precautionary steps are to be taken if you are in the best of health and wish to continue in the same way but please do not consider traveling if feeling sick lately. More often than not we think of traveling for that important work of ours and forget about our and others’ health too. It is best advised to take medical advice about your plan of travel if you had lately gotten up from fever or bad health. This considerate attitude will help in containing this virus.

At Entertainment Saga we wish you good health and pray for this unpredictable time to end very soon. 

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