“I Think Ananya Pandey Dated 2 Guys at the Same Time”: Karan Johar

Whether you find it good or bad, a large chunk of Bollywood is known for its link-ups and the consequent breakups but double dating is something you wouldn’t have heard often enough. Here we have got news of an actress that was dating 2 guys. This piece of news came out on a famous talk show. Read on to know more about the Bollywood hot gossip online. 

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Recently in the 12th episode of Koffee with Karan season 7, Maheep Kapoor, Gauri Khan, and Bhavna Pandey were seen having candid chat with Karan Johar. During the interaction, Karan revealed that Bhavna’s daughter and actress Ananya Pandey dated two boys at the same time.

During one of the rapid fire rounds, Karan asked Gauri Khan one piece of advice that she would give to her daughter Suhana Khan. Answering that Gauri replied, “Never date two boys together. Never.” This answer lead to the revelation of Ananya dating two guys together. Looking at mother Bhavna, Karan said that according to him Ananya was dating two boys together. To this Bhavna replied saying she was thinking of two therefore she broke with one.

Ananya Pandey’s relationship with Ishaan Khattar is one linkup that was known to everyone in Bollywood and their fans but this two relationship revelation brought a surprise to all. 

Well, this surprise factor is what makes Karan Johar’s talk show the most talked about in Btown.

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