The Kashmir Files: A Bollywood Movie Review

Hello all! Entertainment’s Saga believes to keep its audience entertained and informed at the same time. We have brought today’s write-up with the same intention! Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files has been making a huge buzz in the society and film world all because it deserves all the attention. This film’s viewership and record-breaking earnings according to the small budget movie have earned it a lot of respect from all corners of the society and how can we not keep you updated about the same! Stay on the page and let’s know more about the movie.

A movie that gives tribute to the pain of Kashmiri Hindu Pandits

The Anupam Kher – Mithun Chakraborty starrer The Kashmir Files depicts the heartbreaking incidents that happened on the night of 1990 to Kashmiri pandits in the valley of Kashmir. Ever since the movie has been released it has garnered a lot of love. As a rare sight this movie is widely promoted by the general public “as their very own” film.  The audience has taken to Twitter to write the movie review while urging people to watch it. Going through some of the social media posts.

Actress Kangana Ranaut wrote, “Please notice the pin drop silence in the film industry about #thekashmirfiles not just content even its business is exemplary… investment and profit proportion might be such a case study that it will be the most successful and profitable film of the year. It also broke many myths about theatres being exclusive for big budgets event films or visual/VFX spectacles post-pandemic, it is breaking every myth and preconceived notion that was there and bringing back the audiences to the theatres, 6 am shows in multiplexes are full it’s unbelievable!!!”

While actress Pia Pajpiee wrote, “his whole film will haunt us for a long time, can’t even imagine the intensity of pain @vivekagnihotri Ji this is a masterpiece. thank u for the eye-opening …”

Likewise, people ranging from common men to the influential class spoke about their appreciation for the movie.

The film’s producer, Vivek Agnihotri calls the film to be a depiction of the “truth of Kashmir“. He further expressed that the key message of the film is that what is known as the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits is actually a “genocide” — which it claims to have been kept out of history textbooks and mainstream discourse deliberately.

While On the work front, Vivek Agnihotri has revealed his next The Delhi Files. After his recent, we feel his next too would turn out to be another eye-opener for the society.

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