5 Bollywood Movies That Were Ahead of Their Time 

A movie, regardless of how it is portrayed, has the power to influence people. In some cases, some films have a flair for the futuristic as far as themes, stories, and representations are concerned. Some movies are one-time watches and some are classics that never go out of style. 

Bollywood entertainment news online presents the top 5 movies in the category.


Imitiaz Ali’s Tamasha goes beyond love and focuses on childhood trauma, mental health, and psychological wellness. Throughout the film, various mental illnesses are discussed. As Tara and Ved meet on their European trip, they decide not to reveal their true identities. The story takes place over three eras of Ved’s life. Despite its seminal status, this movie is still relevant many decades from now and beyond.


One of the first mainstream Bollywood movies to focus on lesbian relationships, directed by Deepa Mehta and starring Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das. It sheds light not only on the characters’ sexuality but also on our patriarchal and homophobic society. The film was heavily criticized for showing a homosexual relationship at the time of its release. The film showcased the importance of LQBTQ+ relationships at a time when it was taboo. This movie is truly a time traveler.

Lipstick Under My Burka

An Alankrita Shrivastava masterpiece from 2016. The story of four women who embark on a journey to find happiness and freedom to break free from conservative society. The dark comedy shows how, despite being stifled in their world, these four women manage to express themselves through small acts of courage and stealthy rebellion. This movie sheds light on the fact that women are oppressed in society. This movie shows that the topic is still relevant even in the modern era.

Tara Zameen Par

The film was directed by Amir Khan, and there is nothing more to say. Throughout the compelling story, we learn how an 8-year-old boy is struggling with dyslexia and how his parents have failed to notice it and how he has adjusted to society. In the movie, parents and teachers learn how imperative it is to understand children and their daily struggles. It is rare for an enlightening filmmaker to focus primarily on the hero. However, Aamir has given the child a lot of footage and captured every emotion deftly, thereby focusing on its root cause and maintaining its meaning throughout the film.



The movie’s story revolves around a successful Indian scientist who returns to an Indian village to take his nanny to America, and in the process discovers his roots. A major reason for the movie’s success is SRK’s brilliant acting and charisma. Ashutosh Gowarikar’s ability to elicit such emotions from his audience is a remarkable achievement. Despite the director’s limited resources, he has succeeded in conveying his message. There is no doubt that the movies were ahead of their time. 

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