Easy Tricks to Make a Realistic New Year’s Resolution for 2020

Christmas has just past and the new year 2020 is just around the corner. We have a habit of making heavy New Year’s resolutions and frankly aren’t able to keep all of them. So why not start this new chapter by making resolutions to be really able to keep most of them (if not all :P). So I thought of sharing some easy tricks to help you be able to keep your new year’s resolution.

Have a look at some easy tricks to help you keep your new year resolutions!

Focus on small changes, the bigger ones will follow!

It’s not important to make big changes all of a sudden. Focus on making small changes which can be as little as performing breathing exercises as the first thing when you get up in the morning, eating small portions but at regular intervals, going for a short brisk walk which will eventually make a big difference to your health. Once accustomed to these small lifestyle changes you can then in few months make bigger changes to your lifestyle.

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Plan realistic start date

You need not rush to begin working on your resolution on the first day of the new year, it can be a day or two later too. So plan a realistic date when you can actually start working on your goal and give yourself enough amount of time to perform the same. 

Don’t let failures deter your spirit

You might falter a bit in achieving your goals. Understand that it is completely fine. Do not let failures stop you from achieving your ultimate goals. Keep striving and you will surely achieve your goal.

Don’t forget to reward yourself

Do not forget to appreciate yourself for being able to accomplish smaller goals leading you to your ultimate big goals. Self-appreciation will make you keep going on your path.

Imbibe the positive changes as a habit and not just a challenge

Gradually try to imbibe the positive changes you had peened down in your goal list as a habit. Once inculcated as a habit, the goal will be with you to stay forever!

You can start working on your goal a bit earlier

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You can actually start working on your “to-do” list without having to wait for the new years’ first day. This would work as a reality check and provide you time to correct the flaws if any in the planning of your goal.

Stick to it

Train your mind to be committed to the achievement of your written goals. A strong mind is what you need to accomplish your wish list.

I hope you achieve your new year’s resolution this coming year!

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