Rakhi Sawant is Grateful to the Sikhs Around the World

Rakhi Sawant is known as the queen of controversies. She has constantly been in the news since August 2019 when she announced her marriage to NRI Ritesh Pandey. There have been many speculations around the truthfulness of this news, as we are yet to see a picture of her husband.

Rakhi Sawant’s Thank You Note for the Sikhs

The Sikh community is known around the world as warriors as well as people with a big heart. In a recent video on Instagram, Rakhi Sawant mentions how she feels that Sikhs are genuinely good people. She also mentions how they selflessly serve the public and how anyone can have langar in their temples.

Rakhi Sawant’s Instagram Video Online

Haven’t seen the video? Watch the complete video Rakhi posted online on Instagram here at Entertainment’s Saga:

While this Bollywood actress is known for controversy, we agree with her on this point. Sikhs are truly selfless people, working towards uniting people from different religions, beliefs and cultures. They set a perfect example of how humanity comes first.

Let us know what you think about Rakhi Sawant’s Instagram video in the comments section below. Do you think that she genuinely appreciates the Sikh community or is this just another PR stunt by this Bollywood actress?

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