Salim Khan Disapproved of Salman Khan’s Character in Baghban

Salman Khan, renowned Bollywood actor, faced disapproval from his own father, Salim Khan, for his role in the movie “Baghban.” In the film, Salman portrayed a character that did not align with his father’s preferences.

Salim Khan, a veteran screenwriter, expressed his dissatisfaction with Salman’s character in “Baghban.” He believed that the role did not do justice to his son’s talent and potential. Despite Salman’s success as an actor, Salim Khan expected more from his son’s choice of roles.

Salman Khan, known for his commercial potboilers and action-packed roles, took a departure from his typical genre with “Baghban.” The film focused on family dynamics and emotional storytelling, which Salim Khan found to be a deviation from Salman’s usual style.

The difference of opinion between father and son showcases the complexity of their relationship, especially when it comes to professional choices. While Salman’s fans appreciated his versatility in “Baghban,” Salim Khan’s disapproval highlights the challenges that arise when family members have conflicting perspectives in the world of cinema.

Ultimately, Salman Khan continued to explore a wide range of roles, impressing audiences with his versatility and proving his talent in various genres. His ability to captivate viewers in both commercial entertainers and meaningful dramas has solidified his position as one of Bollywood’s most prominent actors.

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