Uunchai Movie Review

The film that quietly entered theatres but got a decent buzz with a collection of Rs 22.45 crore in just 6 days has been getting a mix of responses in the critics’ circles. 

Here we have got you a review of the movie so that you can decide for yourself! Stay tuned for an honest Bollywood movie review online.

Did it manage to reach the Uunchai of our hearts??

The answer to that question is: Hell yes!!

Sooraj Barjatya’s Unchai is well decorated with ace actors such as Booman Irani, Amitabh Bachchan, Anupam Kher, Neena Gupta, and Sarika among others. 

The movie opens with the story of three fast friends busy in their lives when they reunite on their friend Bhupen’s (played by Danny Denzongpa) birthday. Viewers are then introduced to Bhupen’s dream of climbing Mount Everest Base camp with his other three friends which keeps getting declined as many times before by his friends citing the reason of their old age. 

A day after his birthday, Bhupen is found dead at his residence. After the prayer meet, Om (Amitabh Bachchan) finds Mt.Everest Base Camp tickets in Bhupen’s study that he had booked for all of them. This makes Om determined to convince his other friends to release Bhupen’s ashes at the base camp which they eventually agree after much arguments and verbal fights.

Thereafter begins their preparation to climb the base camp. Javed (Boman Irani) had to lie to his wife Shabina (played by Neena Gupta) about his Mt. Everest decision and instead tells her that ashes are to be taken to Kathmandu. From herein, the movie picks up the required pace and sets the viewers on the journey too!!

Honest Bollywood Movie Review

What’s praiseworthy is that the movie refuses to go the Baghban way in the Shabana – Heeba’s scene where she awkwardly declines the stay of her parents and relatives at her place due to a pre-planned party. Here Om’s explanation regarding the mental shift parents too need to make stands out. Om’s gentle handling of the emotional situation and delivering a practical speech that kids too have a personal life just like the parents did when kids were small and they too didn’t complain or their complaints didn’t affect parents on a serious front. Instead of getting affected, they need to take out time for themselves once kids grow up as everyone has their own priorities and it’s nothing to feel upset about. This gave a fresh outlook to today’s generation of parents and kids to enable them to co-exist.

The second part stores the breathtaking scenes of the snowcapped Himalayas and the enthralling adventure.

Here, the movie realistically deals with the difficulty of finishing the trek due to old age and its related issues depicted especially by Om’s deteriorating mental and physical condition.

The way Manoj Kumar Khatio showed Nepal through his excellent cinematographic skills is worth appreciation.

How Was the Acting?

On the acting front, Big B’s acting skills are terrific as always. His character goes through a lot of shades and justifies each one so did Anupam Kher and Bommani Irani. Neena Gupta’s charm is missed in the second half and Sarika’s character goes from a mysterious to an endearing phase as their Mt. Everest base camp adventure progresses. Nafisa Ali Khan is decent in the cameo and so did Abhishek Pathania and Raju Kher.

Parineeti Chopra does justice to her role and shows the right amount of emotions that her role demanded. But, a little more clarity on her background story would have made the plot more gripping.

The movie can be seen and reflected at varied levels right from friendship to the shift  parents and kids bond undergo as they grow up to the pain of the unrequited love story in Sarika’s character. It not just talks about celebrating age but also the importance of friendship and relationships and stresses the need to keep vigor for life no matter your present age. 

It is good family entertainment that must be experienced on the big screen.

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