Vir Das Sneezed On By Neighbor and Was Threatened to be Slapped

How is the Lockdown going on? This is the question being asked nowadays when we met other people. With the comedian, Vir Das happened a weird incident for which he had shared a video with his elderly neighbor sneezing at him and also threatening him to slap.

The Situation

Vir Das lives on the ground floor of his apartment complex. One fine evening, the comedian was sitting outside and enjoying the weather when a neighbor came up to him. Around 10 pm his neighbor came and offered Vir some dinner that former cooked for the comedian. He generally does this with him and some other members within his complex. They are sitting to each other at a distance of around 15 feet, keeping in mind social distancing protocols. Then the neighbor had his coke and to take cigarette he pulled his mask down. At this moment also, there is enough distance between them.

Vir Das’ Neighbor Creates a Scene

Further, he said that suddenly, the man who lives in the same building with Comedian Vir Das on the first floor came down. He is not even his landlord but he is upset with his landlord as he inherited that property in which comedian Vir Das lives. This man had no right on his doorstep or the place where he is living. He had accused him of not following all the guidelines of social distancing. After this man threatens him that he will assault him, sneezed on him, and even asked that his dead parents would haunt him as he deserves all this harassment.

He was quite and had not gone to the media but these types of things he had done before also. He was always been quiet and does not want any type of drama. But this time according to him he had crossed the line.

During this lockdown, we need to adopt the measure of social distancing but this does not mean humiliating or interfering with another person’s life.

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