Ambanis Helped Pay for Rakhi Sawant’s Mother’s Cancer Treatment?

The ever-in-news Rakhi Sawant has again been in the headlines for her complex marriage with Adil Khan Durrani and her mother’s cancer treatment. Earlier as the marriage rumors were doing the media rounds, Rakhi was seen proving her marriage with her beau which was later admitted by Adil in front of the paparazzi.

Recently, Rakhi was seen worried about her mother’s health and she informed about her mother’s grave condition. She was seen appealing to the paparazzi and her fans to pray for her mother’s speedy recovery.

Latest News About Rakhi Sawant

While interacting with the media she revealed that the Ambani family has been helping her financially with her mother Jaya’s cancer treatment. In her media byte she was seen expressing her thankfulness, “I would like to thank Ambani ji. He is helping in my mother’s treatment.”

Her mother has been hospitalized in Mumbai’s Tata Cancer hospital, where she has been kept in ICCU due to her critical condition.

Rakhi Sawant came to know of her mother’s serious condition after coming out of Bigg Boss Marathi from where she came out with a briefcase worth RS 9 lakh with an intentional decision to leave the show.

On the professional front, Rakhi Sawant received a huge recognition after Bigg Boss 1. Later the actress appeared in Bigg Boss 14, Bigg Bigg Boss 15 with her recent performance in Bigg Boss Marathi too. She is also well known for her popular item numbers in Bollywood.

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