How Common is Plastic Surgery in Bollywood?

The latest buzz around Bollywood hot gossips is the statement by actor Alyy Khan in his last interview. As part of a podcast appearance, British actor Alyy Khan, who is of Pakistani heritage but has worked primarily in India, recalled stories about his Bollywood contemporaries. 

There is always an infamous trend among Bollywood celebrities for getting botox and fillers. It seems like most actors around the world never age or if they do, it’s like fine wine. The well-maintained lifestyle, workouts, eating habits, and genetics all contribute to it, but cosmetic surgery is also a factor. 

This list of celebrities has been expanded with the statement of Alyy Khan. Alyy was asked about his female co-stars, Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta while speaking about the hit film Don 2.

As Nadir Ali asked on the podcast, are they as pretty in person as they seem on screen? “They’re very hardworking,” Alyy said in Urdu. Asked if, ‘without makeup’, he’d seen them up close, he responded that of course, he had, before delivering a speech about botox and fillers in Hollywood.

Moreover, he added, “Bhaijaan, remember one thing: If Wasim Akram can alter his entire face, can’t these people? Even in our country, name one person who hasn’t had work done on their face. These are modern times. It’s your right as an actor to have wrinkles removed, get fillers, Botox, whatever. These people have all the money in the world. Don’t you think they get work done?”

In response to the question of whether they were all plastic, he said, “They have all had some work done on them.” They’re all over 50, some are over 55. Look at Shah Rukh’s body and face. Look at Priyanka. She is in her 40s, and she has maintained herself, her fitness, diet, and health… And cosmetics, of course.”

Afterwards, he related an experience he had while working on Don 2. Additionally, the actor hinted at the possibility of an announcement for the third installment of Don this year. Shah Rukh Khan may be joined by Amitabh Bachchan or Salman Khan as a surprise in the film.

Currently, Alyy Khan is working on three Indian projects: Alyy Khan’s Shantaram, which airs on Apple TV+, the movie Tehran, starring John Abraham, as well as the Hindi remake of The Good Wife, starring Kajol.

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