Everything that Went Wrong in Rakhi Sawant and Ritesh Pandey’s Marriage

Rakhi Sawant and Ritesh Pandey’s marriage and relationship in general was always a hot topic in the industry. On top of that, Rakhi Sawant’s divorce announcement sparked headlines. However, what went wrong in their marriage? 

Life inside Bigg Boss

The couple secretly got married a few years back and Rakhi kept the relationship a secret from the public. She only mentioned that her husband was an NRI. Ritesh joined Rakhi during Bigg Boss 15 and called himself ‘Rakhi Sawant’s husband.’ Rakhi very much appreciated his acceptance, and she was thrilled.

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Their marriage began to crumble while they were inside the house. Things were sweet at first, but soon complications started. He began arguing with Rakhi and restricted her from even speaking, and threatened to leave her.  Salman Khan warned Ritesh not to act recklessly and to behave respectfully with Rakhi to avoid complications. And brought back memories of his past hinting that a domestic violence case had been filed against him for beating his former wife for four hours straight.

What Ritesh’s Ex-Wife Had to Say

Their marriage has been strained by allegations made by Ritesh’s former wife. 

Ritesh’s former wife Snigdha Priya questioned his marriage to Rakhi Sawant. She stated in an exclusive interview that she couldn’t believe he married a celebrity like Rakhi. Furthermore, Ritesh is still married to her and is not an NRI, nor does he own a business. Ritesh denied them and told in an interview that his former wife acted out of jealousy and to extort money from him. As well as stating that Snigdha had an affair, and questioned why she didn’t file a complaint. 

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Rakhi Sawant often hinted that his legal troubles hindered their relationship. On Bigg Boss 15, Rakhi expressed doubts about this relationship. During a conversation with Rashami Desai, Rakhi explained that Ritesh has helped her financially and she is overwhelmed by his favors.

Separation Announcement and Life After Bigg Boss

After Bigg Boss, they were seen together at her gym. There, she was enthusiastic about bringing him along and even said she would make him work out rigorously to get a six-pack like Umar Riaz. Afterward, they joined Shamita Shetty’s birthday party and clicked pictures. In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, Rakhi was photographed by paparazzi outside her gym looking gloomy. She said she wasn’t able to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Rakhi said that Ritesh told her before leaving the house that their marriage was not legal. She revealed in an interview that they began living together at Rakhi’s Mumbai house after Bigg Boss. In the end, he left her saying that he is a legal complication since he did not divorce his ex-wife and does not enjoy living with Rakhi. 

Rakhi shared that although she loved him, she couldn’t be unfair to his former wife and child. Furthermore, she stated that if he divorces his wife, she is willing to reconcile with him. 

Recently she was spotted with her current boyfriend Adil Khan and fans are saying she has found happiness.

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