Disadvantages of Being a Star Kid in Bollywood

The Bollywood industry has its glamour. But, actors have also been constantly blamed for nepotism in Bollywood. In the past few years, more and more actors have spoken up about groupism and how it is difficult for people outside of the industry to make it in Bollywood. But, while we speak up about nepotism in Bollywood, no one really talks about the disadvantages of being a star kid.

Disadvantages of Being a Star Kid

They Are Always Followed By the Paparazzi

Whether its Shah Rukh Khan’s kids or Kareena Kapoor Khan’s, Bollywood kids get a fair share of the limelight and news coverage. While we don’t think much of it, it definitely affects the child as they grow up in an environment with literally no privacy. And the sad part is, for a majority of the kids, their parents chose this life for them (for example, Taimur Ali Khan). Kids are showcased to the world before they are old enough to even have a say in it.


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Limited Life Experiences

Yes, star kids’ parents have the money to allow them to do literally anything. But, the true experience of India is by using local modes of travel like autos, metro, and the Indian Railways. But, because of the fact that they are so well known by the public, using public transport in India is a luxury for Bollywood star kids. And that’s probably a life experience they won’t be able to get.

Constant Judgement

For a majority of our lives, we work on finding and discovering who we are as a person and it is natural for a person to want to be accepted by the people around them. But, apart from the judgement from the people star kids are surrounded by, they also constantly criticized by people across the country. Why are they getting this extra level of judgement? Because of the family they are born into.

While we aren’t saying nepotism in Bollywood does not exist, at times, we forget that star kids too are human beings. So, let’s try to be empathetic towards the people around us.

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