How to Eat Whatever You Want and Stay Skinny

The biggest struggle of being a foodie is not gaining weight. One is always on a lookout on how to enjoy food, yet somehow stay skinny. Does this sound familiar to you? Don’t worry, because Entertainment’s Saga brings you some ways on how to eat whatever you want and stay skinny.

How to Eat Whatever You Want and Stay Skinny

1. Space out your meals

Instead of going for a few big meals, aim to have a lot of small meals in a day. This helps you control your daily calorie intake, and you don’t end up overeating.

2. Make sure your plate contains vegetables

You probably know how vegetables provide essential nutrients for our body’s day to day function. But, having veggies on your plate also helps you control the intake of bad sugars and processed foods (which are bad for health).

3. Limit your intake of junk food

It is hard for some people to avoid junk food altogether. The more you tell yourself not to have it, the more you crave it. That’s why, instead of stopping yourself from eating such food, keep single-serving portions at home. This way, you can eat, but not overdo it.

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4. Start meals with a salad or a soup

When you eat out, start your meal with a salad or soup. Both options are low in calories, and fill up your stomach. This way, you don’t overindulge on the main course.

5. Avoid the bread basket at restaurants

Let’s face it. Bread is just empty calories. That’s why next time you go out, hold back on the bread.

6. Order less

Studies show that in most restaurants, the food portions are double of what they should be. That’s why order less. This way, you won’t end up overeating or eating more than what’s required.

7. Stay hydrated

At times, our body confuses thirst with hunger. This may lead to added calories throughout the day. That’s why make sure you remain hydrated throughout the day.

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8. Don’t eat in front of the TV

While watching a tv show or a movie, we don’t actually realize how much we have ended up eating.

9. Carry healthy snacks with you

There are times when you’re out somewhere, and you feel like you need a little snack. The only choice at the moment to find the closest supermarket or coffee shop to grab a snack. While this may be a convenient option, it’s may not be the healthiest. That’s why you should keep a granola bar or fruit whenever you step out.

Which of these tactics do you already follow in your day to day life? Let us know in the comments section below.

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