‘Karwa Chauth’ Special Train Cancelled By Indian Railways

The Railways of India had planned to run a ‘Karwa Chauth’ special train on 17th October. But, they have planned to cancel this train service as only two couples signed up for the same.

A senior official from IRCTC said that “Only two couples have booked tickets on it so it is as good as canceled. We cannot run the train without occupancy.”

Cause for the Low Turnout for the ‘Karwa Chauth’ Special Train

The main reason for the low turn out is the sheer cost of it. For a couple to travel in AC first class, it would have cost them ₹1,02,960. To travel in the AC 2 tier, the cost for a couple would turn out to be ₹90,090. It is quite obvious that an average middle-class couple would not be able to afford these high prices for this experience.

Some of the amenities available on the train included:

  • A massager
  • A private cubicle
  • Free insurance worth ₹10 lakh each
  • Single seating sofas
  • Personal digital locker

While we are sure that the experience would have truly been one of a kind, the disposable income of a middle-class household is not enough to take advantage of this.

Would you have gone on this train with your partner? Let us know in the comments section below!

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