Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage: Which is the Way to Go?

In the Indian society, the debate about arranged marriage vs love marriage has been going on for generations. As time progresses, the number of people going for love marriages in India has increased. But, the question still remains whether which is ‘better’.

Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage

Arranged Marriages in India

What is an arranged marriage?

In an arranged marriage, the parents find a suitable match for the person.

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Advantages of an Arranged Marriage in India

  • In the case of an arranged marriage, families check the lifestyles, the compatibility of the families, etc.
  • The in-laws adjust better with the couple as compared to a love marriage.
  • No issues of getting an approval from your parents, because they are the ones who chose the partner.

Disadvantages of an Arranged Marriage in India

  • People are so focused on checking the compatibility of the two families that they forget to check the compatibility of the couple itself.
  • You don’t actually know the person you are marrying. So spending a life together can seem daunting.
  • You might end up not falling in love with your partner, simply because you didn’t know what you were getting into.

Love Marriages in India

What is love marriage?

In a love marriage, a couple who has been dating or in a relationship comes together to get married.

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Advantages of a Love Marriage in India

  • You actually know who you’re marrying.
  • The couple has a sense of each other’s lifestyle, families, likes, dislikes, and whether they are actually compatible.
  • No worries about falling in love with your partner after marriage. đŸ˜‰

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Disadvantages of a Love Marriage in India

  • At times, people are so madly in love, that they do not think through the idea of getting married with a practical mind.
  • The parents may resent their child’s partner.
  • There may be issues due to caste, etc. But, this does vary from family to family.

The discussion of whether one should go for love marriage or an arranged marriage is never-ending. Comment below if you prefer one over the other, and why.

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  3. Regardless of whether it’s a love marriage or an arranged one most important thing is love, trust, care and understanding each other?

  4. Whether it is love or arrange it should have love true love…in arrange marriage you have to love the person.. because no person is good or bad …if you love him it can change the person nd u can make him love also depends on your parents how they choose the person.

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