Northeast Dishes to Try if You Are a Complete Foodie

A big shout out to complete foodies! If you believe that food is a true reflection of a region then this post will hold all your interest. We will be talking about some popular Northeast dishes of the eight of the northeastern states. Scattered around 262,230 km square, Northeast India is considered as the geographic and political-administrative division of our country. So let’s begin our food exploration of these states.

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Just like its people, Northeast India is a blend of unique and vibrant flavors of food and spices. Defying the general assumption, it is not only limited to momos and noddles but ranges to many lip-smacking dishes. 

This list of famous dishes from various North Eastern states is sure to leave you craving for them!

Khar and Pitha – Food of Assam

These two dishes are a synonym to Assam. No Assamese dish is complete without khar which is prepared with the rare combination of red rice, beaten pulses, raw papaya with traditional Assamese spices. Pitha, on the other hand, is eaten as a side dish with the combination of beaten curd and molasses to make it even more delectable.

Smoked Pork and Bamboo Steamed Fish – Food of Nagaland

Considered as their main source of meat, smoked pork is relished by the inhabitants of Nagaland. The star ingredients like Akhuni, Anishi, and Raja Mirchi make it mouthwatering to be savored with steamed rice. Due to the ready availability of Bamboo in Nagaland, Bamboo steamed fish this is a common dish that is made by stuffing fish into a bamboo tube with a tinge of spices and placed in the ash of fire to be cooked.

Kelli Chana, mouth-watering food of Manipur

 Don’t go by the complexity of its name, it is taken from the name of the lady “Kelli” who used to sell spicy chickpeas under the tree as the tales say. It is basically a spicy chickpea dish with authentic Manipuri herbs and spices served on a lotus leaf.

Jadot, healthy and tasty food of Meghalaya

Talking about the star ingredient of this dish, Amrmbrosial rice is a specialization of the region which is light red-tinted in color with a remarkable fragrance besides being low in gluten. Jadot is relished equally by the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians. Vegetarians usually like to have it seasoned with tomato, jhinga, tinda, potato as well as okra. Non-vegetarians on the other hand generally savor it with palatable pieces of pork.

Thukpa from Arunachal Pradesh

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Noodles as we would call it at the first look, Thukpas is actually noodles prepared with meat or regionally available hill vegetables. This remains one of the favorites go-to eating options for the people of Arunachal Pradesh in the winter months for comfort and coziness.

Chikhvi, the native food of Tripura

 One cannot elude the mention of Chikhvi while talking of Tripura. This mouth-watering dish that appears like soup is prepared with deep-fried bamboo shoots and sliced pork.

Gundruk and Khuri, food of Sikkim

Many of the Sikkim dishes have generally been an influence from the Tibetan and Nepali cuisines and Gundruk is one of them but with a distinct Sikkim flavor to it. This dish is generally consumed as a soup or pickle and is made by fermenting green leafy vegetables, for instance, mustard or cauliflower leaves. Khuri, on the other hand, is more like the spring rolls that we eat with a healthier twist of buckwheat, a healthy superfood.

Panch Phoran Traka, a common food in Mizoram

True to its name, it’s a spicy dish easily made in both veg and non-veg fashion. The vegetarian version of it is prepared along with brinjal, pumpkins, and potatoes while non-vegetarians like to enjoy it mostly with chicken.

Ok, so now you have a fair idea of the cuisines of Northeast India that you must try when planning to visit the lovely states.

Are there any northeast dishes that you love? Let us know in the comments section below.

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