Top Winter Skincare Tips

As the weather starts to become colder, it’s time to tweak our skincare routines to suit the weather. Which winter the air becomes less humid and our skin starts to become dry. That’s why Entertainment’s Saga’s beauty blog brings you the top winter skincare tips to keep in mind.

Skincare Tips for the Winter

Invest in a Humidifier

The humidity levels drop during winter months, which is a key reason why skin starts to become dry. That’s why, a humidifier for your room, office, or home will go a long way in terms of keeping your skin healthy.

Stay Hyderated

While we do sweat less during winter months, it is still important to stay hyderated for a glowing skin during winter months.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

Did we mention moisturise? With a lower air humidity and lower tempratures leading to lesser sweating, your skin will get dry. That’s why, regularly moisturising your skin is essential.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

With the enviornment going against your skin to make it dry, it’s important to avoid clothing that is rough and irritates your skin. Ideally, cloth that is made of cotton is something that should be worn.

Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen not only helps prevent sunburn but also protects your skin from the harmful UV rays coming from the sun. That’s why, applying sunscreen in the winters is a good idea.

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Adjust Your Skincare Routine

As the weather makes your skin drier than usual, it is important to make sure that your skincare rountine accomodates the extra driness. This may mean investing in a face moisturiser or going for a cleanser that’s easier on the face.

Limit the Heater Temprature

The temprature from the heater to keep you warm will lead to lesser humidity in the air. This leads to your skin being even more dry than it already is. That’s why, it is important to keep the heater temprature in check.

Limit Hot Showers

Similar to heaters, hot showers also lead to reducing the humidity in the air. This adds on to making your skin dry. That’s why, limiting the time you spend in the hot shower or the number of hot showers you take in the week can help protect your skin.

Which of these winter tips for skin do you already use? Let us know in the comments section below!

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