5 Reasons Why We Love Comedy Premium League on Netflix

Have you exhausted your Netflix watchlist? We know we have! But then we came across the Netflix Original Show – Comedy Premium League.

The show is about 16 comedians split into four teams and they compete with each other to make the audience laugh. Here are the top reasons we love the show.

1. So many comedians!!

The show consists of four teams of four comedians each. So that’s a total of 16 comedians brought together on one show.

2. The host

The show is hosted by popular YouTuber and comedian – Prajakta Koli. She’s famously known for her channel – MostlySane. As the host, she does an awesome job keeping the audience engaged.

3. It’s likely your favorite comedian is on the show

Have a favorite Indian comedian? It’s likely that they are on this show.

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For those who are wondering, the teams and their respective members are as follows:

Team IDGAF Iguanas


  • Rohan Joshi
  • Tanmay Bhat
  • Sumukhi Suresh
  • Sumaira Shaikh

Team Lovable Langoors


  • Amit Tandon
  • Samay Raina
  • Rytasha Rathore
  • Aadar Malik

Team Naazuk Nevle


  • Mallika Dua
  • Rahul Subramanian
  • Urooj Ashfaq
  • Rahul Dua

Team Gharelu Gilaharis


  • Kenny Sebastian
  • Prashasti Singh
  • Kaneez Surka
  • Aakash Gupta

4. The Jokes Are Hilarious

Want to be the literal version of the acronym ROFL? Don’t worry because this show will take care of that. With 16 comedians on the show, they won’t leave any stone unturned to make the audience laugh all night long!

5. It’s Not Unnecessarily Stretched Out

Unlike other shows, the Netflix show Comedy Premium League has 6 episodes including the finale. Hence, it’s not unnecessarily dragged out and is fun to watch.

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