Rakhi Sawant Deceived By Husband Ritesh Pandey

Bigg Boss contestant and one of the finalist Rakhi Sawant has been in news for her different entertainment style. Her secretive marriage and her unseen husband Ritesh Pandey captured news headlines after she spoke about her marriage in the show. However, a revelation of Ritesh’s first marriage with a baby left her in tears as witnessed by the viewers. Read further to know the latest news about Rakhi Sawant.

Rakhi Got Deceived in Her Marriage by Her Husband Ritesh Pandey

In the show, Rakhi Sawant revealed that her husband has another household with a small child. Believing her side of the story, this truth was kept hidden from her till after their marriage ceremony. She was seen in splits while declaring this in the show. She further expressed that she would never have married Ritesh had she known about his other marriage.

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About Rakhi Sawant’s Marriage

The existence of Rakhi’s husband Ritesh as called by her has always been a mystery. Many have doubted his existence altogether. In an interview with a media portal, Rakhi expressed that she need not be a homewrecker. When asked whether she would now proceed with Ritesh the actress stated that she would first have a word with him and know what he wants.

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Rakhi entered Bigg Boss 14 as a challenger, gained recognition for being a thorough entertainer. Though the actress managed to reach the top 5 positions walked out with 14 lakh from the prize money. 

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