Rakhi Sawant and Husband Appear on Bigg Boss 15

Last Updated: April 23, 2023

Rakhi Sawant’s marriage has been a controversy many people have been following. With Rakhi Sawant first denying her marriage news and calling her wedding pics a “photoshoot”, to not showcasing a picture of her husband, Ritesh Pandey, to saying her husband has another wife in the UK, we’ve seen it all.

Rakhi Sawant’s Wedding

Rakhi Sawant got married to UK businessman, Ritesh Pandey, in August 2019. Initially, when her wedding pictures got out in the media, the actress said that those were from a photoshoot she was doing for a bridal brand. She then went on to disclose that those pictures were indeed from her wedding day and she lied earlier because she was scared to disclose this to the public.

The Bollywood actress and dancer then went on to disclose details about her husband, but no one seemed to believe her. The main reason for that was there were no pictures of her husband to be seen, which led to many people calling this a publicity stunt.

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Rakhi Sawant and Her Husband’s Appearance on Bigg Boss Season 15

As people move on with their lives, Rakhi’s wedding news made it back into our lives with the help of Bigg Boss season 15. As per news, we will finally get to see Rakhi Sawant’s husband’s face and the couple plan to disclose this via Bigg Boss’ platform.

In the promo, Rakhi introduces her husband by saying, “Toh main aagayi hoon aapne pati Ritesh ko lekar (So, I’ve come along with my husband Ritesh).” She then goes on to dance to the song Mera Piya Ghar Aaya. Ritesh Pandey enters in with a sehra on his head, and as he enters, Rakhi rephrases a line from the movie Don, and says, “Aapka welcome hai. 12 mulko ki police aur puri desh ki janta aapka inteezaar karrahi hai.” She then goes on to touch his feet.

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At the moment, it is unclear whether Rakhi Sawant has come on the show as a guest or a wild card entry. But, judging by the fact that Ritesh Pandey is seen walking around in shorts in the Bigg Boss house, it is being speculated that he may be a wild card entry on the show. We will get to know more once the episode airs for the world to see.

Latest Updates [As Of April 23, 2023]

Since the end of the show, Rakhi Sawant and Ritesh Pandey have gotten a divorce. Ritesh Pandey’s first wife has also come on record to mention that she and Ritesh never got divorced, hence it wasn’t possible that Rakhi and Ritesh got married. Rakhi Sawant later went on to marry Adil Durrani. Unlike with Rakhi and Ritesh’s relationship, we actually saw the marriage certificate from Rakhi Sawant and Adil Durrani’s wedding.

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