How Was the Wedding Season in 2020 Different?

December is the month all wedding lovers look forward to. Whether its the good food, epic dance moves, or endless fun with loved ones, the wedding season in December is something everyone loves.

Although, this year’s wedding season was something no one could have predicted. All of the credit for the changes are attributed to the COVID pandemic, which started in March 2020. This was shortly after the first reported case of the coronavirus showed up in Wuhan, China in December 2019.

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But, how exactly was this year different from previous ones? Let’s find out!

Different Things We Saw This Wedding Season

Matching Masks with Indian Outfits

One of the safety measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus is wearing a mask. But while outfits are matched from head to toe, a different patterned mask would look out of place. That’s why, there is a trend that has started for this wedding season where designers are selling masks made out of the same cloth as the Indian outfit.

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A Limited Guest List

This is probably the first time in years where a majority of the weddings had a guest list that had less than 100 people on it. This is attributed to the government regulation on number of people allowed in a social gathering to help prevent the spread of COVID – 19.

Weddings in 2020 Were Not As Expensive

Because of a smaller guest list, the number of people at the wedding went down drastically. This lead to the bride and groom’s families to save on wedding expensives.

New Haldi Trends

One of the ways the World Health Organization (WHO) suggested that people do to prevent the spread of the corona virus is maintain social distancing. This would mean that people stay at least 6 feet way from each other.

But, how do you do a haldi ceremony for the wedding without actually touching the bride and groom’s face? Here’s an innovative wedding idea we found on social media –

Lesser Work for Businesses in Event Management

With the coronavirus and social distancing in place, people have either reduced the number of guests or postponed their weddings to next year. Because of this, business has gone down drastically for people working in the event management industry such as wedding planners, caterers, florists, etc.

In a report by CNN, they mentioned that “Delhi florist Soumitra Patnaik, meanwhile, said his wedding bookings are down 90% on a regular year, and that those he has received tend to be less elaborate than normal.”

Is there a wedding trend that you saw this year that we missed? Let us know in the comments section below!

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