Shah Rukh Khan’s Lookalikes Lose Work Amid Aryan Khan’s Arrest

Shahrukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan’s, recent arrest in the drug case has been a topic of buzz in the country right now. The starkid’s arrest has hit the livelihoods of Sharukh Khan’s look-alikes in a big way.

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Shah Rukh Khan’s lookalikes start losing work, Here’s the real fact!

The recent drug case and the related arrests has made the headlines. Further Byju’s pausing of all advertisements showcasing Shahrukh Khan as its brand ambassador has also hit the Bollywood actor’s market value. Looking at the severity of the matter, eight arrests have been made so far. All this has led to Shahrukh Khan’s lookalikes losing work owing to his unpopularity these days. People like Rahikwar and Haider Maqbool complain of losing work assignments after Aryan Khan’s arrest in the recent drug matter.

What do Shah Rukh Khan’s lookalikes have to say?

Talking to media, SRK’s lookalike, Raju said, ”For almost a year and a half, I was out of work as there were no events happening due to the coronavirus. Things had just started looking good after the pandemic. I was supposed to be a part of a birthday party on October 10 in Jaipur. A week later I had to attend a social gathering in the same city. But both the events have been cancelled. The organisers told me, ‘people aren’t comfortable with SRK’s current image.” He further entrusted his good faith in god expressing that it was just a matter of time and hoped that his idol comes out stronger out of this tough time.

He is not the only hit by Shahrukh Khan’s blot in the image, Haider Maqbool too is feeling the heat of it. Talking to News 18, Haider said, “I was supposed to make a couple of appearances in the next two weeks but everything has been put on hold. I don’t mind it because I credit my success to Shah Rukh bhai and I need to stand with him during his tough time. I am very disappointed with whatever is happening. Shah Rukh bhai is suffering a lot and I just pray that Aryan comes back home soon.”

Respecting our national agencies’ work ethics and commitment, we just wish that the guilty are punished and no one of the innocent should be punished.

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