‘Best Constable’ Award Winner Arrested For Taking Bribe

On Independence Day this year, Telangana cop, P Thirupathi Reddy, won the award for the ‘Best Constable’. The ironic part is that one the next day, the constable was arrested for taking a bribe for Rs 17,000. This bribe was given by a sand dealer.

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In the past, the constable has been harassing the sand dealer. The sand dealer has also been threatened by P Thirupathi Reddy that the dealer’s tracker will be confiscated if the bribe is not paid. As per reports, the constable has also allegedly threatened to create a false case against the sand dealer.

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The Anti Corruption Bureau of India caught P Thirupathi Reddy in action and arrested him for taking a bribe worth Rs 17,000.

Looking forward to seeing what the Anti Corruption Bureau decides when P Thirupathi Reddy will be produced in court.

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