Types of Guests at Indian Weddings

Last Updated: August 9, 2020

There are different types of people in India. But, if you want to see them together, then you should definitely visit a wedding.

Types of Wedding Guests in India

Truly, there are so many different types of guests at Indian weddings. At Entertainment’s Saga, we’ve tried to list out a few.

The Hard to Please

There will always be at least one picky guest at every Indian wedding. No matter how good the wedding preparations, they will always be able to find a “problem” with the arrangements.

The Freebie

Let’s admit it. We’ve all done this at least once in our lifetime where we walk in with an empty money envelope for free food.

Don’t scroll down in denial. We know you have done it too! 😉

Image by Amna Sayeed from Pixabay

The Long Lost Relative

There is always a relative whose existence is revealed at a wedding. Before this day, you didn’t even know they existed. But, when they meet you, they’ll act like they were an integral part of your childhood.

The “I Can Hold My Liquor” Cousin

There is always one cousin in the guest list who swears that Yo Yo Honey Singh’s song Chaar Bottle Vodka was based on his drinking habits and capabilities. But, we all know he’s going to be out after just two pegs.

The Gossip Queens

Want to know gossip about each and every family member of the bride and groom’s family. All you need to do is find the know-it-all aunty at the wedding.

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The Drunk Madness

There is always one uncle who ends up drinking a lot, and then creates a scene. It’s only a matter of time!

The Fashionista

There is going to be at least one girl in the crowd who’s dressed up like it is her wedding. To be honest, she’s not going to be hard to spot in the crowd.

Photo by Naganath Chiluveru on Unsplash

The Dancer

When you look over at the dance floor, there are three types of people – one who can dance, one who can’t and those who have the confidence that their pappu dance moves can give Prabhudeva competition.

Which of these types of guests at Indian weddings have you witnessed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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